This is the Journal I've Always Wanted

by - Wednesday, October 08, 2014

I've kept a journal since I was a little girl, I just haven't kept one very well. I promised I'd write in it daily, but I would miss days at a time, and then days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and before I knew it I had forgotten I'd even had a journal. But, I would try it again and again it would fail.

I never could figure out why I couldn't keep one. I tried also to not put pressure on myself to write in it so much but that didn't help either. When blogging got popular, I thought "YAY!, this will be much easier, but again not! I think now I know why. Every journal I started was about subjects that I had minimal experience or knowledge in. It's hard to write about something you don't have a lot of knowledge about and also if you don't have a passion for what you're writing about. So, when I got the idea for starting "Growing Up in Grace", I planned it out on paper. I prayed if God wanted me to do it and I asked myself some tough questions like, "why am I wanting to do this project?", "what are my topics about?", "who will my audience be and how will I go get them?" I mapped out every detail. Even where I would get images from and how I would tie them into each post. I also decided that this is a ministry where nothing on it makes me any money at all. This is all about my passion for Christ, to understand grace more, to share my struggles in a real, down to earth format. I don't want to cut corners or sweep over certain emotions to appear religious...I want to be real with my audience.

I love God with all my heart, but I do struggle at times living for Him and by writing down what I feel, I hope it will relate to someone reading this and at the same time help me work through my stuff so that God in the end gets the glory.

So, after I prayed, I kicked the idea around for a few days. That's not typical for me. When I get an idea for a new project, I jump in feet first! Well, not this time. Journaling is a commitment, much like marriage. Marriage takes effort to be successful. I didn't get married for a week and then abandoned it. And journaling can't be something I do for a week and put down. So I had to really think and ponder that. I also had to be sure I really do have a passion to do this, in other words... "is this a burden that I cannot ignore?" I also took a look at other blogs on the internet taking notes about what I liked and didn't. I also decided on catchy titles. You only get mere seconds to catch someone's attention so my titles have to do that. So, what kind of headlines can I come up with? How do I engage my target audience with just a phrase? What categories would my writings be about? Would it be devotional type, poems, or simply thoughts like in a letter?

Once, I was able to answer those questions it was time to look for the appropriate theme. What colors do I like? What fonts do I like? I also kept referring back to my notes to ensure I was keeping with my original idea but making notes along the way. One thing I really wanted was a clean, elegant, and simple blog look. I knew I was onto something when I began looking at themes and I came across this one on the first try. But, I kept looking and nothing jumped at me, I kept coming back to this theme so I installed it and it's been a pleasure working with it. I just pick out my picture and then pray, post, proof, preview, and publish the entry!

What I like about this journal is that it is for fun and there is no stress. I can't run out of ideas of what to write since my subject is my life's journey. I decided I'd post to a few social networks and just let it get found without doing too much advertising. I wanted a journal that I would feel no pressure working on. I have the look I want so now all I have to do is focus in on the writing and I take my time and re-read it several times before I'm done. I actually find myself writing at 1 AM not knowing it's that late. Now, that says something! This isn't work for me, it's pleasure and it's the journal I've always wanted!

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