Walking in the Park

by - Thursday, November 27, 2014

Before I learned to drive and bought a car, I walked everywhere. I grew up in Chicago so we were near a lot of stores, parks, schools, and churches. I could walk almost anywhere. When I moved to Atlanta, I lived near malls and stores as well and I enjoyed walking. Florida was different, because things were farther away. I rode the bus for awhile, but I couldn't help at times getting off a few stops before I had to and just walk the rest of the way home. This was before it got to the point where I needed to learn to drive!

Oregon is even different, because there's not sidewalks everywhere and no malls nearby (at least in my little town). But, there's trails everywhere leading to lakes, rivers, up mountains, and down hills. I knew I wanted to get in shape and conquer them. When I first moved here, I was severely overweight. I had tried for years to lose pounds and just couldn't. I'm not sure if it's the water or air here, but suddenly I started to shed a few here and there. When that happened, I started walking trails more. The uphills are still a bit hard on my left knee, but I love the challenge and I'm not out of breath tackling them.

Hubby and I go out and travel up and down the coast taking photos and each place we go, I look for a trail. I always make us follow them to see where they lead. Sometimes, we can only go so far cause of my legs, but I look forward to coming back and scaling a bit more the next time. These trails have made my legs stronger and given me more energy. I hate that listlessness feeling around 2 PM in the afternoon!

I don't know how many parks are here, hundreds I suspect. We pass a bunch every time we're driving and it's fun to stop and see the ocean view from them. Ocean beach is one of my favorites. It's easy to get down to it from the parking lot and pretty large to walk across so you get your exercise. Also, it's never full no matter what time of year it is, at least the times we've gone there's hardly been a lot of visitors. I like that, cause I never liked going to crowded beaches in Florida.

I also find time to be romantic walking with hubby...after 13+ years of marriage, I still have the goose bump feeling when I hold his hand. I love being with my husband, I love it when he sees a scene he wants to capture on his camera. I watch him as he fixes his lenses and sets his aperture. He takes a look at where the sun is and he pays attention to what the skies are doing and where the shadows are falling. He may not know it, but I watch him take hundreds of the same scene to be sure he's got it. I know he'll throw out most of the pics he takes, but he takes so many photos of the same subject  in hopes that he will get that "perfect shot." Yes, walking in the park with my hubby is one of my most treasured moments.

And not to forget...
Happy Thanksgiving!

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