Can I Want Something Too Much?

Wednesday, August 26, 2020,0 Comments

You can want a longstanding prayer answered so much that you can lose out on the awesome process that God takes you through. 

You see, I want my miracle to happen. I didn't want to go through the process of waiting, praying against the anxiety. 

I didn't want to have to daily re-assure myself with The Word, I didn't want to have to rebuke the enemy every five minutes, I just wanted to be healed right away. I wasn't up for the process that God wanted to use to help me grow up in grace as Healed my disease.

Back up many years ago...

I had been praying for healing for a long-term condition. I was in a Sunday night church service and we were all praying and I heard The Lord ask me in my spirit very clearly: "What do you want?"

I told Him I wanted to be fully healed of the disease. I felt something incredible in my body after that prayer and I walked away believing He had honored my request. I believed I was healed and would never go through that condition again. 

I focused so hard on it that I closed my eyes to the fact that it would be three months later when my healing would actually manifest. 

I wanted it so badly that I missed the lessons and the faith-building during the process of waiting for my healing to take place. I just kept believing that I was healed and nothing was going to change my mind even though I suffered in pain those three months.

God uses certain circumstances to build our trust in Him. It's almost like that's the only way we'll learn to really lean on Him. I wish it wasn't so! LOL! 

And, if we've been waiting a long time for a promise to happen, we have to focus on how the waiting will glorify God until the promise becomes a reality. This is the prayer I prayed after being healed and the one I come back to, please feel free to use this and tailor it for yourself.

"Father God, I pray for you to help me acknowledge you in all areas of my life accepting your will and how you desire to work things out in my life. I don't always understand your ways, but I know you always have my best at heart. I appreciate how you look out for me in ways I cannot see and thank you for loving me so. I ask that you please continue to help me focus on you more than what I want. Help me to keep a proper balance in my life so that I don't miss out on the tiny blessings you provide along the way. Don't let my carnal feelings override your plans for me. I want to keep my eyes on you Lord. I love you Lord Jesus forever! In Jesus name, AMEN."

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