Answering THE Call

Monday, August 31, 2020,0 Comments

I've heard many preachers say that when they heard the call to preach, they didn't necessarily jump at the chance right off. 
In fact, a few even tried to reject it. 

I can understand this, because that calling requires a whole different type of life. I know I was not cut out to be something humongous like a missionary or evangelist. I do know that when God wants me to do something that I better obey!

I've made so many mistakes through life trying to do things my own way rather than listening to the cries of my heart and there are consequences for my choices.

So, no matter what it is, if God leads me to do something for Him, I know He will equip me to perform the task. 

Nothing I've ever done for the kingdom was with regret, no task for Him was too small or insignificant. God's purpose was always so good and when looking back, I saw how His hand moved. 

If we could ever see how He moves through our lives orchestrating one blessing after another, we would never doubt Him. 

Since we can't see into the spiritual, we must take Him by faith. I don't know what lies ahead, none of us do, but I do know that there's no real way to live until we answer The Call.

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