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Give Up on the Obvious

Monday, September 07, 2020,0 Comments

Give Up on the Obvious

Sometimes the blessing is not where or how you think, it's where you least expect it to be. God is amazing that way. He doesn't want us to put Him in a box and expect Him to just do everything He does in that box. No, He longs to show us that He has multiple ways of answering prayers and blessing us.

I know many times in my own life when I prayed about something, my little teeny weeny mind was thinking one way, but God answered me in a totally different way -- oftentimes the opposite of what I was thinking and I was amazed. I think God loves to amaze us and when you get an unexpected answer, it just increases your faith.

If we could just let go of our own thinking and trust God completely to answer in His own way, we'd be amazed a LOT more -- I suspect every time we pray, we'll get an Amazing answer!

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