I Choose Happy

Choice is a wonderful thing. The only bad thing about it is we don't always choose right. It is an awesome responsibility we have and why we need The Lord's help. We make decisions most times on impulse or on emotion. We may weigh out the pros and cons on paper but we can only see so far.

Even choosing what my attitude will be is within my control. I used to believe when I was growing up that if I attained certain things I would be happy. So I thought when I graduated 8th grade and got to go to high school I would be happy. Then I got to high school and all I could think of was I'd be happy when I graduated and go to college. I did graduate and went to college, I only stayed a year and dropped out. Then I thought maybe a trade school would be better and I'd be happy if I could learn a trade. I did that and then I thought well if I get a good job and make good money, I'll be happy. I did get a job and got out on my own. But I wasn't happy. I thought well if I got married I would be happy. I've been married twice. I certainly wasn't happy when my first husband died. And I learned from my second marriage to my husband that he can't make me happy either.

I have to choose to be happy. We see this in many circles of people who seem to have it all, money, success and they take drugs, marry multiple times, commit suicide and struggle with depression. Only through our Lord Jesus can we find happiness but still He gives us the choice to allow His joy to fill our hearts. And it really is simple, just like we choose the outfits we wear everyday. Just choose Happy.

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