A New Year, A New Beginning, A New Thing

It's been awhile since I've written a post here and all I can say is it's been a busy year! Now we're in 2020 and it's a new year, a new beginning, a new thing. I worked myself to the ground in 2019 and I burned out so bad that it was a miracle I didn't get seriously sick. It made me really think about how to approach this new year.

I know I'm considered middle-age but my body is speaking loudly to me to slow down. I'm finally listening. I don't even have the same motivation and drive that I once did. I still work hard but making wiser choices of how much I take on. My mentality is equally important as my body and it needs to be taken care of too.

Jesus talked about doing a new thing (Isaiah 43:19), I'm not sure exactly what He means by that for everyone's life, I can say that He's never stuck in the past. He moves on. I can look back at what I've learned but I need to move forward. I need to make better decisions for myself and family. I need to do a new thing.

I'm not talking about making new years resolutions that I'll never keep. Nothing wrong with resolving to do something new, I just believe it has to be something that's attainable. So, I took some real time with myself and examined what I was doing and where I was going. I also looked ahead at what I want to do. And, I know I don't want fear to continue holding me back and I don't want to go, go, go 24/7. I want to fulfill God's dreams for me, enjoy the process and rest more for my soul, my mind and my body.

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