A New Tradition

Friday, January 01, 2021,0 Comments

Late last year, hubby and I decided to create a new Christmas tradition and that is to write down on a small sheet of paper the different blessings we've received throughout the year and put them into a jar. Then at Christmastime we would open the jar and read all the blessings.

Typically, we give gifts to each other at Holiday time but do we give a gift to God? He gave us His best gift, HIS OWN SON. We should never forget that.

So, instead of us exchanging presents, we will take some time to praise God for His many gifts to us. I love this new tradition for two main reasons: (1) It allows us to have a sort of special communion with The Lord and; (2) We won't forget what God has done for us through the year.

And so that we don't forget to write down each blessing, I keep a post-it note pad and pen next to a jar that I wasn't using for anything. Every time we get a miracle that we definitely don't want to forget, we write it down and the date it happened, fold up the note and drop it in the jar.

I think it will be amazing to empty that jar at the end of the year on the table and see how many notes fall out! It'll be a great reminder that God is always working. He's always busy and He's always blessing us.

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