The Pearly Gates

Going Higher

Friday, August 28, 2020,0 Comments

We can't be babies forever. At some point, we learn to sit, then stand, walk, and finally run.

When I was a kid, it felt good when I didn't have responsibilities like paying bills and going to work. I got to go out to play and my only responsibility was going to school and doing my homework. 

But I grew up and one day I found myself on my own. Now, I have responsibilities, goals and plans.

The longer I live, the more I want to do more to go achieve what He calls me to do. I want to finish strong.

When I think of birds, they are normally higher, either perching in trees or flying. Yes, they land on the ground to eat but when they nest, they typically are higher. They love to fly over the ocean, sit on the rocks or mountains. I always wondered why.

When we moved to the Pacific coast, we got to walk trails and climb mountains. I've been to the top of some of the mountains overlooking the ocean and wow what a view! I see now why the birds love it up high. You can see so much of nature. The scenes are breathtaking.

I've even sung sitting on top of rocks and loved it. Hubby and I had many picnics just sitting on mountaintops overlooking the trees and sea life in the ocean. 

Remaining in the same place and never reaching up is being stuck going no where. I don't think any of us likes being stuck in the same place even if we're unable to change our circumstances.

We want to improve and look for opportunities to do just that. Improving means we're growing and creating a legacy for ourselves and also for future generations. 

We can't remain babies all our lives. 

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