Crochet and Knit Lookbook

My Crochet, Knitting Lookbook

Tuesday, August 18, 2020,0 Comments

Every now and again I do cleanup of files on my computer. Today, I was looking at old photos and found my folder containing a bunch of my crochet and knit projects. It made me reminisce how much I loved yarning. 

Unfortunately over the years, I've lost hundreds of photos which makes me sad. But, I am glad to have found these and I wanted a way to catalog them like in a scrapbook so I can always go back and look at them.

I also played around with fuzzy socks and made a bunch of sock snowmen for Christmas several years ago. 

Here's just a few of my projects:

Arm Knitted Infinity Scarf

Scarf made with Sashay Yarn

I loved making clothes through crocheting and knitting. Before I had to quit, I had crocheted several sweaters (long and short sleeve), knitted many winter hats and hundreds of scarves, infinity and cowls as well as shawls.

I was the head maker for prayer shawls at my older church. I also liked creating home decor like hot pads, towel holders and wash cloths.

View my more in my collection on Flickr

My Crochet and Knitted Catalog

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