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It's Amazing what an Outdoor Activity will do

Sunday, September 27, 2020,0 Comments

I went out today with hubby. Normally, that would not be something I'd write about unless we went somewhere spectacular like New Zealand for a month. But these are unprecedented times we're living in. Never did I think I would live isolated like this. Because of my health vulnerabilities, I chose to stay inside for the most part. I can get sick very quickly so it's safer for me and everyone if I take extra precautions. Today, I was feeling good, the weather was nice and I was feeling very claustrophobic.

I'd been inside since March of this year and I've only gone out twice since then. Hubby does all the outside activities and I'm forever grateful. Normally, I would be okay working in my craft room and doing things around the house but lately I had been feeling very tired, anxious, irritable and frustrated. My emotions were up and down and I was in a creative funk. I couldn't make a card to save my life and that's what I do after my day job. I needed something.

Hubby said it. "You need to go out even if for a little while." So, we decided to get in the truck, drive to Micky D's for some burgers (in the drive thru) and then head to the Jetty to eat there in the car and watch the boats go by. It was a nice cool breeze outside, the sun was shining and I had great company! 

We hadn't spent time like that in so long. We just talked and enjoyed each other's company. I think we stayed at the Jetty about 2 or 3 hours and that was all I needed to be rejuvenated. When we got home, my mind and even my body felt stronger. I had the best time and we didn't do anything unique, we just went out for a short drive and enjoyed lunch together. 

It's amazing what something as simple as that will do for the soul. Even through this pandemic, we still have to live. It's imperative we take the necessary steps to stay healthy, like if I'm really sick, I won't go out no matter how much I might want to. I won't be that careless. At the same time, if I keep working and working and never look after my mental state, I'll go crazy...literally! 

I know I've said it many times that we have to take care of the mental side of us as it is just as important as the physical and even so now because of the times we're in. We can't neglect ourselves. God gave us six days for working and we really should use five and rest the last two days. Just like a car must have gas to keep running, we need rest, relaxation and regrouping to keep running.

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