It's Okay to have Fun in the Midst of Trouble

Monday, September 07, 2020,0 Comments

My life's journey can't be day after day scrambling for some joy. I wouldn't be able to function if that's how I live.

I believe we must have some play in our life and it's okay to enjoy ourselves while we're on earth. Jesus indeed died for our sins and the Bible says He means for us to have life and more abundantly (John 10:10) and to me, that means in Heaven and on earth. 

Life is so short... and it's too short...  to be miserable everyday. There will be good days and bad ones, but to just take the attitude of solemness and disappointment makes life even harder to live.

I'm not suggesting that we are to close our eyes to what's going on around us. There's too much to ignore and certainly we should be concerned. However, let's all be prayerful over our country, families, friends, the world and trust God to answer.

I must have a healthy mix of fun along with the serious, I love to laugh. If I had to be serious all the time, I couldn't make it! 

It's refreshing to me to see a group of people laughing, enjoying each other's company, or read "feel good" stories. I even try to bring fun into my workflow with a reward at the end of the day especially if it was long and hard. It might be my favorite snack or dessert and that treat gives me something to look forward to.

You know when God took a rest from all His creating, I bet He had fun too looking at all He created! When He said for us to rest on the last day, I think He wants us to: (1) rest our bodies from work; (2) take time to look at nature which is all around us like growing a garden with fresh flowers or herbs or just enjoy the fresh air; (3) spend quality time with our family and friends; (4) kick back and watch a good movie, (5) or read an interesting book. 

Even through the pandemic and all the unrest happening, it's possible to still add fun into our day and keep God's hope for the next day. We can endure this time and flourish with His help.

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